31 August 2008

southerly sunday

nuclear winter (not such a bad thing over Maidstone)

Deryck's been starved of all slope related action for what seems like an age. Even the threat of rain and a 'take your pick' wind forecast doesn't keep him away from Thurnham today. Paul's up for offering some moral assistance, as Deryck's keen to try his new F3 acquisition (complete with Louis 14th french polished, walnut veneered wings)

pre-flight inspection of the mirror like finish,
don't worry Deryck if you scratch it on the maiden

T'other Paul and Mrs T'other Paul are just leaving, and by heck is it southerly! DLG and floaters just about do the job and good thermals are to be had far over the castle despite overcast conditions. The rain pays a visit for a good twenty minutes, after which Deryck rigs up the super soarer.

just the ticket

it's a winner!

it really wasn't this summery for very long at all

The sky ranges from 100% gloom, to bright, hot sun. Though there's far more of the former than the latter. Steve, Ray and Eric take a chance and join the happy throng. The cold soon bites us all again so it's off home for pipe, slippers and Sunday roast!


  1. That plane looks f@@king huge next to me ! Then again I'm only little... ha ha

  2. strangely I thought it made you look older!! looked great in the air, perhaps I need to build a 3.5m F3F wing!!

  3. F3J Paul, not F3F..
    I doubt I'd have got one of those for 75 quids ! I live in hope though.