10 August 2015

lost and found

Found in the lay-by at Thurnham, this wing joiner is missing the
snug comfort of its respective wing.

Please help us make its life complete again by reuniting this lost soul with its owner. 

08 August 2015

spotted in Germany 2015

Just a couple more and I'll have spotted everything in this edition....

06 August 2015

one less to have to look at

At last, something interesting bubbles up through the monotonous mire of Facebook-
Photographic evidence that the Pilatus fuselage styling is now considered so ugly
that even the wings can no longer tolerate being associated with it....

'This was a full size Pilatus B4 that appeared to suffer a main spar failure at an air-show in
Chambley (France) last week. Pilot escaped with minor facial injuries'