04 February 2013

chilly holly

Jeeeezzz!! was it cold up on Holly's back last week!
most of the light weight regulars only managed a couple of hours before being chilled to the core!

Al looks pensive in pre-launch mode

pit parked models had a tendency to slide down the hill, eager to get airborne
in the smooth, frigid air

Les's hands stuck together, then the raw skin flapped around stripped from his flesh by the arctic gale.
We'll save you the details of Paul's foreskin incident

the sun came out!!

2 minutes later it went back in again

Les shortly before the situation with his paws

off she goes!

nearly a white out

beardy man Graham is well set for the chill, he's also been busy in workshop....

so comfortable is he with his testosterone fuelled, bristle coated sexuality,
he's taken to building pink planes

masculinity intact!