25 February 2018

against the grain

As you've probably noticed we're a bit short on easterly slopes in this neck of the woods.
As such, desperation drives us to try any lump or bump available.

foamies only at this site

how many miles of east facing sea wall would you like?

with such a tight lift band, low pass are compulsory 

stealth foamie poised to clobber Simon
square in the back of the head

both foamie and victim bounce back

Mud Man informs us that landing out is not recommended

Nobody managed a rail slide, but maybe we'll be back
in better weather and greater numbers. Summer combat BBQ anyone?

02 February 2018

old hard drive

10 years ago to the day this happened....

Maiden flight of the '28 IIRC

like a pro- flying accessories carried in a Tesco carrier bag