19 September 2013

Allen's BBQ

It's that time of year.....not to be missed....

a fantastic spread was provided

and the weather was better than this photo suggests.

just in case you were wondering

cow eyes up some gel coat that he quite fancies a lick of

oh how Gary laughed as his Duo Discus almost got destroyed by bovine exuberance!

a flying shot no less!

13 September 2013

A Storm approaches...

Eric has a new toy.....

arriving after a successful post maiden flight

the cows bow their heads in honour

it's so lovely we'll even forgive him the mortal sin of  red tape on a white plane!

03 September 2013

a week in Wales

Cermaes Head, 5mph and an alarmingly sized bald patch

Race M pretending to go fast over Cardigan Island

Radian, chapel and mist on Foel-y Mwnt

2mph sea breeze, Ceibwr Bay 

struggling to keep the Radian dry 

cliff launch, Newport Bay 

dune soaring, Newport Sands

or maybe it's New South Wales?

01 September 2013

Wales preview

light winds and a few misty days, but several flying sessions
were enjoyed in the wild Welsh air.....more to follow