29 May 2015

an art or just a hobby?

It's not often you see something from the Arthobby stable gracing our slopes. Recently though, two specimens appeared from out of the east to revel in the moderate conditions.

owner says their preferred hunting grounds are
Botany Bay and Reculver

it's about time that varnished wood wings
made a comeback

photos in no way do the wing finish justice

owner used sanding sealer followed by a Halfords spray lacquer-
a final polish with rubbing compound resulted in a sheen akin to a mouldie

19 May 2015

sun, saturday and spring

It's a white planes day up on the hallowed turf, shall we see what's afoot?

white planes..... 

David gets Colin's Flamingo off to a good start 

many a divot has been replaced, though (we hasten to add) not
by the modelling fraternity.

Cowslip like never before tints the Downs
with a haze of yellow

Simon with the Nimbus on finals...

ground loops de rigueur with 7 metres of high aspect ratio whiteness 

It's a beauty, despite the requirement for a few additional tweaks 

Mark's moment of touch down

this year's slope chic; matching M&S sweaters....

Nerd gun ammo; someone's obviously been hoping to
take out a few of the resident sloperists