28 April 2017

Charlie's combat bash

"Park on Birling Hill at the junction with Holly Hill.
If you are facing up gradient, the slope is on your left.

Please park considerately and tuck your vehicle well
into the verge . Despite having the appearance of quiet country lane,
Birling Hill can see a lot of traffic with many drivers
showing little regard for safety.

Please bring an empty carrier bag or bin bag and collect any
litter in the vicinity before leaving, whether you dropped it or not.

It may also be wise to bring some light weight rope and / or roach
poles (or similar) to help retrieve any models that decide to 'nest'.

detailed directions about half way down this page"

Please note that attendance and participation is entirely at your own risk.
This is an informal gathering and not in any way an organised event.
It is not affiliated to this website, or any person appearing in, or
involved with this website......fly safely, take responsibility for your
own actions and behave like a grown-up. Most importantly though- enjoy yourselves!

25 April 2017

bracing stuff!

Mark busy experiencing all four seasons in the space of an afternoon.
Full report to follow at some point....

21 April 2017

weather not looking too clever....

We'll try again next weekend for the belated Easter combat bash!

Fingers crossed, I've bought a model especially!