29 December 2012

Christmas Eve, eve

 Last Sunday in the bleak mid-winter....

 low on light, high over trees

working a rocky outcrop

Gary on finals

clearing the strip

post flight a-ok; time to de-rig and crack open the mulled wine!

 Let the festivities begin!

27 December 2012

christmas eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve!

Normally we wouldn't have bothered, but seeing as how Mark promised us
he'd maiden the DG, we turn out in force!

it's the time of year for a low sun and interesting orientation issues!

Mark discus launches his mini scalie, but drops the transmitter half way through the spin!

anyone got some debonder?

finally he runs out of excuses and apart from a rather sensitive elevator, all goes swimmingly!

meanwhile in Alpina land....

 Jason returns hot and sweaty from an epic walk of shame

show some respect godamit!!

half a church roof later....

...and we're in business. Though the local pikies were seen loitering in the
lower field hoping for another out landing.

22 December 2012

Last Saturday.....

notice on the gate

Les's floater at the ready

The Essex boys are planning to stay for the duration...

meanwhile inside; something lies in wait

meanwhile outside; Mark's brand spanking new DG is poised for a maiden

suitably stealthy looking

fast arrival for someone

Sir Bob and the Mini Vec

Les waits for a gap in the paragliders

away she goes, the Fantasia owns the light conditions

Simon takes a break from his recent intense building sessions

DG awaits a more suitable day

13 December 2012

cut to the core!

A day's worth of wing cutting at Simon's gaff. It's a bit parky so
fast work makes for warm hands....

bed head Paul pretends he knows what he's doing; someone
should inform him it ain't so cool to be no jive turkey this close to Christmas!

we're set up and cleared for cutting

templates for a 4 metre plus scalie

the ingenuity of an Englishman in his shed

let the cutting begin; in the subzero conditions it takes the hotwire
about 2 weeks to get up to temperature

 it's a serious business!


a wing is born!

let's celebrate with a little heat to the hands...

and a load more to the toilet area!

10 December 2012


whatever happened to those long ago times of regular south westerlies?

29 November 2012

construction time

let the build season commence!

27 November 2012


Sadly lacking any actual flying shots as seems to be the way these days,
still there's always next time...

just a few of the sloping hoards that turned out for the day

good to see Paul filling his boots and providing the sound track
for the day with his mighty Ventus

 .....and at the other end of the spectrum; Jason's little Limit

Processor (I think)....flew well, as they do (if it is one)

Simon with 'old faithful'

 tossed fish

no no, no no no no, no no, no no, no no there's no...... 

Mr Leebert keeping it real for Movember

last friday

easily summed up in three words.....