31 July 2012

4 metre fail

It was a short lived, but intense relationship. He lusted after her curvaceous front end and elegantly slim extremities. All she wanted was the care, love and guidance of a gentleman. 

Soon they reached dizzying heights. Elated and carefree, things moved quicker than they both expected. In the end it was all too much and she just had to let go.

4 inches of wing joiner set in foam may have been a weak point in the design

2 metres of semi span along with re-kitted tailplane last seen fluttering towards Sittingbourne

24 July 2012

slope safari day one

White Sheet!

 a civilised lunch followed by a civilised fly

Simon prepares to maiden the Skorpian

 slug gets a front row view 

all going the correct way?

over the trig point
lift was mediocre so decamp to Westbury 

superb lift here!

slurry spray

day two

 Rainy Roundway!

it's been a while since they've flown in the rain

brolly saves the day.....that is until they give up and head south for the afternoon

Richard Burton and John Hurt arrive a week later to find double plus good weather
but can't agree who'll be the lift dummy

The conditions at Ringstead Bay.....time to head home!

day three

Day three sees them back on home turf, but to add insult to injury the wind is too far north for the mighty Thurnham. So it's off to Wye for a last ditch assault on the WWNW breeze....

They're in luck; with the help of some juicy thermals the lift's not too shabby!

MILF alert! Simon attempts to impress her with his square loops, Paul clams up and Ray just cuts
straight to his favourite sexual anecdotes  

beating a hasty retreat to inform the nearest law enforcement officer

Skorpian rules! 

set up for finals 

 safely cleared the fence

 nature's cushion

 it's love!

judging the best angle for a clean kill

23 July 2012

make the most of it...

winter will soon be upon us!

Blue Bell Hill summer

Blue Bell Hill winter

13 July 2012

Allen's mid summer bash

bright start, wind averaging 35mph

a thoroughly British queue

release the magic smoke! 

DS monster

 the one almighty shower of the day

at least it had the decency to be short.....if a little too sharp!

Allen's Ventus acquired a rather strange trapezoid like trailing edge

09 July 2012

Wild Wye

Off to Wye for some afternoon summer greyness

Simon's not impressed with the meagre lift on the lip, but always
up for a challenge he decides to fly around with half a pound of lead on board!


I is a bad boy sloper
foam is mah game
da bitches dis me never
cos dey lurve mah aeroplane!'

discus launch fail

expectant pilot monitors retrieve crew from a safe distance

 woosh again!

eagle again

We've heard through the grape vine that David has flown the eagle again with success....

underside fins has been increased in size thus resolving the spin issue 

 Eric gives the beast a wide berth

eat dirt!


The rain passed through eventually so.......

(DC photo)