24 August 2013

Welsh reportage to follow soon.....

08 August 2013

scratch built beast

Anticipation mounts as Simon embarks on the final leg of filling, spraying and installation.....

05 August 2013

more from the 'peep

watching with interest, Eric's Habicht tries to remember what
'boot open' indicates in dogging circles

Simon yomps off to the patch fully loaded...that is other than the 2.5kg
of ballast which Paul has the honour of carrying

right then, let's get this show on road, or in the air....or something

the patch

men play

view to the east

turn through 180 and you can see the sea!

just then, Captain Birdseye's merkin blows in off the ocean

Simon therefore deduces that the sea breeze
is kicking in and installs a vario in anticipation of scratchy slope lift

meanwhile Mark prepares to test his reactions against the speed
of electricity and promptly blows three fingers off his right hand

Eric tries (and fails) to shield our innocent viewers from the sight
of naked slope flesh

'spare us some change mate?'

Marks makes a successful rear of slope landing
despite the Jim inspired, Statler and Waldorf style
commentary from everyone else

'spare us some change mate?'

'now watch what happens to her dress when I tip it the other way'

fat chance today

another flying thing

in perfect alignment with the horizon