20 April 2011

the giddy heights of holly hill

Spring masquerades as summer on Tuesday afternoon and Holly is light but thermic. There's plenty of fliers on the hill, and none could argue they didn't get a good fix.

goooowarrrrahhhhnnn !

more men in shorts

Simon has a go with Betty

the patch

prop anxiety

Micro Floh aka Destiny for our American viewers

(it fits nicely in the trunk of his station wagon)

why so serious Alan?


Hopefully more of the same on Good Friday

18 April 2011


Good to see the forum doing another in its series of frequent crashes.

Anyone up for Holly tomorrow afternoon?

12 April 2011

mid week special

Ray launches out over the verdant pasture

lots of kit




Simon taps the ash off the end of his member

Col's Wildthing with motor

not his legs though

a family of metal boxes saunters down the hill for a look

hairy Col

Gary's Wein

good wind to you all!

04 April 2011

start of the season

Good weekend all round, we could have done with some more sun on Sunday afternoon, but let's face it, the wind's the priority!

Discus Obesius owns the slope

lovely Luna

Duke steers the Ventus like a pro......

but we'll draw a veil over his ASW 'landing'

well honed launch technique

check out that swagger

Duke's getting ready for an altitude record attempt

Pete and the Phase 6

Mick and the Radian

Radian and A N Other

Radian pass

Radian swoop

Hangies have a rig / de-rig day