31 December 2009

deryck does the dyke

Deryck heads down to the Dyke for a pre-Christmas session. Traction control and white stuff combine to produce a rare day at this renowned site where the sky isn't heaving.

Mr Parateddy arrives for a go in the light, crisp air

bloomin' lovely

drift depth plus manhood length conspire against bladder emptying

glorious lighting

in the snow

The gate's locked, the hill's blocked. Alan and Paul creep up on the hill, one sneaking up from the base, the other bringing up a rear guard action across the top.

They're rewarded with smooth, light lift in the crisp dry air and have a mighty fine afternoon on the Downs. The only challenge they face is stopping their landing roll-outs along the ice.

the Fusion heads out

After the physical strain of the ascent, Paul tries to
silently cack one off. It doesn't escape the wily eared Alan
and the misdemeanor is duly noted in his little black book

28 December 2009

winter test flight

Simon bravely offers up his Tiger Shark to the mercy of the hill

23 December 2009

merry christmas

Wishing you all a Goodwind Christmas