27 November 2013

bagging the beast

vacuum bagging the first section of Simon's 7m scalie

itttttttts Firle!

 Jim starts the day by stress testing one of Barry's wings

The 5 metre Fox is eating up the sky for breakfast, dinner and lunch, and still has
room for a second helping of pudding!

Simon warms up for some very low passes in an attempt to take out trees, people, cows....

...radio masts etc

speak some evil, see some evil, hear some evil

Paritech DG somethingorother ready for the off

run, run, run


...spends the rest of the day screaming around in an impressive manner

......then lands

 and goes back to the pits for a kip

Jim preps the mighty T21

a couple of steps....

....she's off like a majestic beauty rather than the 'pile of dog shit'
that Jim was expecting to be born from the workshop

scale creaking and groaning fitted as standard

 Jim takes a considerate route under the sun just in case the natives think there's been
an unscheduled solar eclipse

flying shot!!

and best of all, no nasties!

20 November 2013


The only consolation to be had from the recent lack of flying is a recent lack of crashes.
In the mean time, let's enjoy someone else's misery....

pilot relieved to be back on terra firma, he's undergone a dramatic descent; note scale poo stains

merely a flesh wound

12 November 2013

tabby tandem

here comes the Hun

Very little flying of late mostly due to shocking weather. And get this....when it does happen, the hallowed turf is being polluted by the noise of spinning propellers.

beating a quick one off over the Spitfire......and who can blame him!
perhaps the caption should read 'trouser snake spits on Spit'

'now listen here you couple of Johnny Foreigners, Her Majesty owns the sky round these parts
so you both jolly well bugger off back to whence you came'

....actually it's the glider that owns the sky round here, so get that wrinkled nose
and prop of yours to drag you back home, there's a good chap!