15 September 2011

a friend indeed!

Eric arrives at the hill to find low winds and a touch too much west. Not to worry he has the tool for the job; an electric floater with no more than 3 flights under its belt.

The bad news is this model's not packing a receiver, but fear not as the ever resourceful Paul has a spare one in his flight box. It's even got the correct Velcro 'polarity' for mounting in Eric's model, so all's good and off we go into the blue yonder.

off she goes


low pass

off to find a decent thermal and then up to speck height

What a lovely afternoon! The early autumn sun gives smooth buoyant air and, for a moment at least, we can forget that winter is close by.

All toys safely on the ground. The receiver is handed back to its rightful owner, at which point Paul fesses up with a thank you to Eric for testing his 23 year old piece of kit, which has been the prime suspect in several recent crashes !

12 September 2011

closing season

Here's some activity from recent weeks

have you guessed what it is yet?

no, nor have we...but it' a good n

another mystery model

a clue as to its vintage

the cows avoid eye contact...but look out for that one on the far right!

the lift's even good enough for some PSS action

after two allegedly duff launches, it's off to inflict some collateral damage
in the name of the good old 'you ess of aye'

I can see autumn on the horizon :(

05 September 2011


The Goodwind camera is refusing to talk to the Goodwind colossus super computer at present.

Normal service will be resumed following a metaphorical banging together of their respective heads. Failing a positive outcome, I'll be looking for assistance to launch the offending parties off the top of Beachy Head (I'll be sure to pick a day when the wind is from the south east if we follow through on this one, so we can at least get some flying in).