30 January 2012

smooth long man

 the slog begins

strange aeronautics at work

 hi vi Erwin strafing the dug out

 duck and cover Deryck

 checking over the lip

 tickling the flaps

big man on Long Man 

slope terrorist 

slope ecstasy 

 slope tool


doubleplus whoosh!

 over the green

improv canopy from sandwich wrappers, wank rag and tape

the ultimate pikey plane
(slope hunter photo)

 home time

24 January 2012

misery week

Today's weather is brought to you by the good lord Shite. Let's remember some better times with an extended edit of Gary's Minimoa maidened on a superb day a couple of years back.

16 January 2012

Scratchy Beachy

A Saturday trip to the coast is planned based on the promise of east to south easterly winds and bright sunshine....we narrowly miss both!

cold start to the day

Beachy's air ramp

Deryck cruising with the Toplight. The Countryman stayed grounded

For the best part of the day the wind has a smidge of north in it so all we can do is cruise the lip of Whitbread Bowl. We then have to sit it out for an hour or so while it backs proper north east.

Paul finds this antique and has his longest flight
of the day employing the 'ring pull frisbee' trick

sea thermal marked by its dark base

Deryck chucks off to join the circling gulls

However, by three o'clock the forecast easterlies arrive straight into the bowl and we have an hour of smooth wide spread lift as the sun creeps down low.

08 January 2012

lost and found

A watch has been found on the hill at Thurnham, please post in the comments with details if it belongs to you.

05 January 2012

start as we mean to go on

bank holiday heaven

what a superb day......more of the same throughout 2012 please

warming up for Thurnham's scale day 

the Kremlin keeps an eye on Jason's ASW17 

anxious pilot gets a sweat on 

it's days like this that fill up your love tanks 

a worthy sun set shot

 home time

04 January 2012

New Year's Day washout

 another year, another day on the hill...it's looking overcast in the distance

after a quick flight, they're all sheltering from the rain

 rogue hound seeks out pre-Christmas BBQ remains, or maybe
it's the overwhelming stench of piss that draws him in

 no luck, so off he goes

 rain doesn't stop play for Eric

Graham's hardcore too