16 January 2012

Scratchy Beachy

A Saturday trip to the coast is planned based on the promise of east to south easterly winds and bright sunshine....we narrowly miss both!

cold start to the day

Beachy's air ramp

Deryck cruising with the Toplight. The Countryman stayed grounded

For the best part of the day the wind has a smidge of north in it so all we can do is cruise the lip of Whitbread Bowl. We then have to sit it out for an hour or so while it backs proper north east.

Paul finds this antique and has his longest flight
of the day employing the 'ring pull frisbee' trick

sea thermal marked by its dark base

Deryck chucks off to join the circling gulls

However, by three o'clock the forecast easterlies arrive straight into the bowl and we have an hour of smooth wide spread lift as the sun creeps down low.


  1. It all came good albeit too late, we must go back before the summer hordes arrive !