20 August 2009

bear with us

Lack of an Internet connection will mean intermittent posting for the next couple of months, but hopefully normal service will be resumed early in October.

the superb conditions bring out the 'North Downs
Hands on Hips Association' for their annual meet

'waiter, this bottle is corked'

Rob prepares for the black run

Mick catches wiff of Paul's lack of personal hygiene

the 300ft tall Duke appears from behind the hill

'fee fie fo fum I smell the blood of a paragliding man'

02 August 2009

the bulls are back

It may not be BBQ conditions, but it's a jolly good slot for all those who partake in the art of soaring. The paragliders have a long and full go, but as the evening comes to join us the air is left to fibreglass and balsa.

waiting your turn can do strange things to a man

ray tries a bit of banter, and narrowly misses getting a thump

all good things come...

under belly

Colin rigs, derigs and rigs again only for the
wind to drop, and then pick up when he's finally gone

frustrated at the lack of scalps, Deryck
plays 'clip the cow pat' instead

adrenaline junkie