28 September 2015

....are a million to one he said!

an alien invader lurks upon the hillside... 

we're drawn to its exposed carbon loveliness

 'it's very easy to fly, right for right, left for left' etc etc

'it's even got it very own moulded carbon, front bottom flange'

it comes complete with two trannies...

three batteries...

and the obligatory builder's bum.

It handles the blustery conditions without a problem. Eric has
a twiddle on the sticks and confirms its well mannered autonomy.

Strangley though, the youth of today are more interested in playing
cowpat Frisbee and watching Mark get his big one fully erect.

which he manages like a true pro!

'Is that dog poo?' (sniff sniff) 

meanwhile the Inspire watches and waits, ready for the
day when machines will rule the earth....

18 September 2015

paint the whole world

As everyone knows, you would normally expect to find gold at the end of the rainbow.
However in certain geographical locations the end of the multicoloured arc marks substantial
deposits of lead, balsa and fag-ends that have been laid down over the decades.

10 September 2015

Spotted in Germany (well almost) 2015 3rd installment

Stopping off in Belgium to fill up and stock up
with essentials....greeted by this sight
in the sky directly above the service station

Back home, confirm the location using the receipt.....

...and cross reference with the registration on this ASH 25E as it leaves
the gaggle low down. Turns out it was a competition weekend; here's
the log from the ASH...

He was down to 71m in the above photo, and to top it all
the flight wasn't valid because his take off wasn't recorded!

04 September 2015

spotted in Germany 2015 no.02

If you happen to be near Bremen this weekend.....

02 September 2015


Remind me again, what is it that Belgium is famous for?

Passing through with a parcel shelf sized sloper, it'd be rude not to make
good use of some fair sized dunes and a fresh north northwesterly

Best part of the slope was the inaccessible hotel frontage just visible here.
Unfortunately booking in for a twenty minute 'quickie' was not an option.

nor was making a top landing

Anyone thought of anything other than Tintin?