18 January 2016

lost comrade

Eric called earlier with the very sad news that David passed away this morning.

David had a penchant for building the more unusual of sloping implements and
even in midst of failing health, he still had several projects on the go.

In memory of the consummate gentleman that he was, here is a rare moment
of sweariness as he battles with the Hols der Teufel in less than ideal lift...

You will be sorely missed Sir.

05 January 2016

a further call to arms

In case you haven't already heard......

Ireland's new regulations

American UAS registration

If similar rulings were to be implemented in Britain, they would destroy our hobby.

Take action now and contact your local MP.

Make it clear that-

The models we fly are not 'drones', they are carefully constructed aircraft that take great skill to fly and build.

They require 'line of sight' visual contact at all times.

The hobby is one that is shared across the generations.

The hobby encourages innovation and the learning of a wide range of practical 'hands on' skills, especially among younger participants.

The hobby encourages many people from different backgrounds to socialise.

The hobby is healthy and environmentally friendly and encourages people to spend time outdoors in locations which, for decades, have hosted model flying events without incident.

With multi-copters (or drones as they are commonly referred to) becoming widely available, the 'off the shelf' technology allows people with no experience to fly straight away. This can often lead to irresponsible behaviour, especially when used in conjunction with the 'on board' cameras that allow beyond 'line of sight' control.

The rulings in Ireland and the USA effectively outlaw the hobby we have enjoyed for decades.

We require their assistance in protecting our position should any rulings similar to those in the USA and Ireland, be proposed in Britain.

Contact the BMFA stating-

Your utmost concern regarding the developments in the USA and Ireland.

You require a clear response as to how the BMFA (as your representative) intends to help block any similar rulings that may be proposed for Britain.

Ask that the proposals for the 'BMFA National Flying Centre' be put on hold until it is clear that the flying freedoms we currently enjoy will be fully protected.