23 April 2010

Hitler's foamie

Hopefully we'll have some south westerlies soon...

19 April 2010

forecast fail

Saturday's forecast has all the promise of a mellow, kicked back, laid back session at Holly. When the troops arrive at midday, all's on target with a mild easterly that promises to come good by five o'clock.

In the mean time it's DLG and electric assist to get Deryck and Paul up and to a workable height and grab a few passing thermals. There's a few out landings to be had, but hey! come five o'clock we'll be laughing.

Ray turns up at about 4.59pm and leans into the non-existent breeze, if anything it's going north goddammit! He errs on the side of caution and toys stay in the car. Meanwhile Paul relies on Deryck to mark any rising air the day has left in it. The Radian shimmies up in the last almighty guff of the day, and the two of them head back, and to the left, back and to the left, b a c k a n d t o t h e l e f t and find themselves soaring to a good height well away from any slope lift.

Oh well, you can't win them all. If the weather continues in this vein we'll be in for that long forgotten BBQ summer after all!!

13 April 2010

lear jet

A small gathering at Bopeep takes cover behind the bushes, Simon has his Lear Jet ready for a maiden in the strong conditions.....

radio lockout led to the Lear's untimely demise

rumour has it that the model will fly again

06 April 2010

easter funday

Pete's brought along a tasty little delta fresh off the building board
West Country Jim takes control of the situation

wind break required to check cg....

Paul elbows in for launch duties, he's always keen to grip
something long and hard

we draw a veil on the flight, Jim leaves in disgust....toys too
big to be thrown out of the pram

'yo bad boy, ya wanna put that aerial up before tossing yo Blade'

Colin takes no notice, he's slipped into another horny haze....

but manages to land at his feet regardless

Deryck's forgotten where he left the Pledge

but after a quick buffing, ends the day with a good thrashing

01 April 2010

Trev's arrows

Superb model from Trev. Hopefully with a bit of tweaking, future flights will be more sustained.