19 April 2016

drone debate

More drone discussion in the national news on Radio 4 this morning.
Start the i-player at 1hr 17min 46 sec for a short, but well balanced item.

16 April 2016


A little dabble with the air from last summer, unfortunately they've got a while to go before they reach
synchronised public flying display standards....thanks to Eric for capturing it for posterity.

07 April 2016

from out of the gloom

Only two and a half months to go until the longest day!
As we crawl out of the gloom it's good to see a familiar band
of wastrels (some local some form further afield) up on the hill.

Let the season commence! 

Paul's flap equipped Fusion....footage to follow at some point.

Conditions were also just right for his other maiden;
we ogled at her black carbon sexiness



an interesting old skool ASW19

and what appears to be a hatch is in-fact a flap / spoiler / brake thing a ma jig


we were in danger of actually getting a flying shot here!

a lovely Purbeck Assassin

Valenta ASW 20

and we round up TVSF's varied and rich spread
of gravity defying machines with a
rather splendid Sean Bannister Algebra 7(?)

06 April 2016

shifting your old tat

'Bring and Buy' stall at the Soaring Society of America's annual convention;
now wish I hadn't left my wallet back at the hotel room.

03 April 2016

vintage voltage

It's all gone retro at the Goodwind hangar this weekend
with some steady, gentle old-skool electrons trickling into the packs.