27 September 2010

the sunday before last

Good turn out, the mighty Thurnham offers up her best for the early afternoon with widespread, smoothly consistent lift....a rare thing in these parts.

Steve just can't help picking a fight with Simon

Good to see Mr & Mrs Leebert, and forum Tragi

it gets a jolly good airing

a clutch of Miniphases from the Holly Hill revivalists...lovely!

Barry and Jim are in attendance to keep the patch in order

quality Strega/Speedo midair

we found all the bits

Eric re-enacts the event for those who missed it (Simon's not impressed)

Keith's....no Paul's.......no Rob's......no Eric's Nix arrives via the arrester cowpat

07 September 2010

still got sand in me nose

A super day down on the coast enjoying the warm on shore breeze and a bit of messing around on the dunes.

mouldies go well on the meagre hill

but foamies rule the day

bignoseskinny launch

Steve dips low into the dark side

an unknown hill, and unsuitable model and an unpracticed technique

none of it a problem for Steve

and his first ever DS session is a resounding success


nose pays the price though

let's not let that stop the fun

an outstanding day, we'll be back for more

there'll be footage to follow at some point

01 September 2010

flat field fatalities

This high pressure with its useless easterlies looks set to stay for a while, so a few of the regulars get together for hand towing and electric fun from the flat.

guess the silhouette

Gibson the groupie

What's this? a powered model?!!!!

and so bad ju-ju is cast onto them all by the slope shaman

doing this to Alan's Eliminator...

...this to Jason's new acquisition

.....this to Paul's floater

and this to the dog