27 March 2010

wet rain, angry skies

today gave us an overcooked sky

Xeno- it's a winner

back of the front

of the 4 flyers on the hill, three were bidding for this on Ebay

triumphant Eric takes to the air

landing interupted by cow poo

beware- cloud suck!

Ray senses hail on the way

26 March 2010

spring scale

It's bumpy close in today as the wind pulls round ssw, but this doesn't stop Paul maidening his new Ventus.

ready for some quality lift reaming


Under the deft guidance of quality thumbmanship and Multiplex jiggery pokery, the Ventus shrugs off the lumpy air with a refined whistle. We hope to see this impressive thoroughbred making the most of those spring time thermals again some time soon.

23 March 2010

first outlanding of the season

The honour of the first outlanding of the season goes to Ray, who sends out his two chicken boys to retrieve the wreckage....

17 March 2010

handy site

Here's a useful link for your favorites....

weather station links

Scroll down the page to get a selection of weather stations around Kent with regular (almost live) updates.

Stations include Hollingbourne and Fant, both good pointers for the mighty mighty Thurnham!

16 March 2010

seasons salutations

The new season starts here, a warm wind means Winter's on the way out and months of sunshine and thermals await us!

the lane foliage has been
comprehensively mullered, all the easier to park up against!

start of season salutations with the customary pensioner man poon parade

Eric and his Terry cover up Ray's excited fist thrashing-
it's been a while since he's seen the sun

see, a real man knows exactly where he is
with a 7 cell nicad pack and a speed 400

and the Terry (bless it's little cotton socks) is none the wiser either

Free Bird, plenty more of those down Rochester High Street
on a Saturday evening