24 February 2016

Spotted on the A20

Left for dust on the A20 today by a pilot on a mission to Challock.
Combine this with the that fact that by noon the sky was bubbling with cumulus 
and we have unquestionable evidence that the 2016 season
is now poised for commencement!

11 February 2016

Spotting a solitary flying figure from the M20 in nil wind conditions,
a quick divert is in order to undertake a closer inspection....

what is this aerodynamic device of delight?

it's newbie Sebastian with his Elf

winding up for a discus launch

with one tiny glider and one very wide angle lens
it's a miracle we get more than a flying dot in any
of the airborne shots

we finally get a 2 mph easterly draft, but it's still down hill all the way

exit stage right