27 August 2010

wing wobble

Steve gives his Discus a good workout at Firle

22 August 2010

the last few days

here's some goings on of recent....

Mick's latest lady friend has chucked him out, so we'll be seeing a lot more of him and his two mascots up the hill

Eric's Luna maiden goes swimmingly, but he still ages ten years in the process

oh... and here's a glider

need some wing cores cutting?

a site somewhere in mid Kent helps to contribute to the
on-going world shortage of blue foam

my kind of window shopping!

it's been like this for several months now, surely they won't miss a pack or two?

21 August 2010

pre-flight checks

There now follows a public information film highlighting the importance of thorough pre-flight checks

16 August 2010

chailey common chumps

A few of the chaps are keen have a go at the Chailey Common cross country contest over the weekend, but decide to get a bit of hand tow practice in first.

Simon takes the weight off his feet and perches on the Easy Glider wing,
while the Invisible Man tips his hat and takes a snooze in the boot

found object no.4 (though it's not a bizarre one)

did I mention it was wet?

I mean really wet!

Oh well, with torrential rain, a broken winch and two suspected coronaries, the team feel set to show the competition how it's done!

Sunday dawns damp and windy, but by the time they reach the Common at least the sun's trying to appear.

Eric's pushing at the frontiers of aeronautical knowledge

curl over precludes hand tows, so Eric reverts to a brushed Speed 400 Easy Glider

tricky to keep hold of with a full 2oz of thrust

it doesn't quite have the speed to cut through the low level clag....

....on more than one occasion!

Well it's been a long day, but with the South Downs in view they decide to have a quick session at Firle to round things off . Finally they again remember what it's like to have a bit of lift under their wings.

10 August 2010

good weekend

....or at least Friday and Saturday afternoons gave us two slots when the mighty Thurnham delivered the goods.

Colin fettles the Mini-Dragon

Eric gets the Milan mission ready

the Judge Dread jaw means that Jason's launching

other Eric's Minimoa

soon to have legal status of butterfly and bird egg collecting

Jason piles on the ballast