29 November 2011

splendid thursday

quality hill clutter

rigging the beast

Simon does his best to mask the premaiden anxiety

a real man's foamie

slope side bromance

Rob sends his love to you all

good to see Mr Leebert on the hill again

something is about to be born from an egg on a mountain top

the tedium of another sun set shot

21 November 2011

holly again

It really has been a vintage year for southerlies and Holly has delivered the goods time and time again. As autumn fades, we end up enjoying her again for a superb sunny Saturday of light lift.

Colin and his micro Alula

Gary's in low pass mode again

launch fail from Martin

that's more like it!

the sloping hoards

a rare moment of schadenfreude from Eric

break out the diamond tape

'launch ghoul' (from an original piece by Slope Hunter)

18 November 2011

big twenty

There's not been much slope side activity in the last couple of weeks, but Thursday sees the airing on Simon's part refurbed ASW 20.

in excess of 6 meters

The wind is light and a mite too southerly all morning

Mr Dog Walker tells us 'it'll fly fine in this'....he obviously knows something we don't

By 12 o'clock Simon demonstrates his iron will and packs the beauty back in the car. We'll update you on the maiden as and when.....

06 November 2011

05 November 2011

old school scale

With the evenings drawing in, Pete has found time to convert and upload his old VHS movies. These two date from 1993 and show the annual scale get together at Etching Hill, Folkestone.

Keep a look out for Simon T, Dave H and Colin T among others. Good stuff Peter!

02 November 2011

celebrity slopers

A good turn-out this weekend despite the misery of winter close-by. Thurnham generates her usual questionable quality lift, but it's the weekend and we're flying so who's complaining!

Big Al, fence and French plane

speed wing gets the paraglider pilots to the bottom of the hill even quicker than usual

George Michael takes time off from taking drugs, crashing cars and stabbing poos

'cos you gotta have Pace Pace Pace'

Charlie gets Sir Bob's Ceres off with aplomb

the low sun is back

shortly after launching, Ray sets up for a landing

E.T. on a visit for Halloween

Acacia breaks the crust

buzzed by buzzards

01 November 2011

last spring

A quickie from earlier in the year.....