29 November 2011

splendid thursday

quality hill clutter

rigging the beast

Simon does his best to mask the premaiden anxiety

a real man's foamie

slope side bromance

Rob sends his love to you all

good to see Mr Leebert on the hill again

something is about to be born from an egg on a mountain top

the tedium of another sun set shot


  1. Is that a PSS Vulcan at Thurnham on "Quality Hill Clutter"? Who's is it? I have plans for two of these - one large (about 1250mm) and one small (about 620mm) - Jef

  2. well spotted Jef, it's another Paul's (Zagi Star on the forum) it flew pretty well once the cg was sorted, I've got some film of it which will be uploaded in the not too distant future. They used to be all the rage about 20yrs ago.

  3. Thanks Paul - I will see if I can PM Zagi Star to get some more detail... looking forward to seeing the video.


  4. hopefully I'll get something uploaded later in the week Jef