12 December 2011

birthday bbq

Lots of love on the slope this Sunday, a good turn out despite the miserable start to the day.

bbq birthday boy brandishes blow lamp (Mrs Leebert photo)

Jason comes in to land

...moments later, he does indeed land in a Batman's villainous arch enemy stylee

now in his 40th year, Paul gazes into the flames and ponders a future of rudder elevator floaters more becoming of a senior slope gent (Pete W photo)

hells bells! the cow shed's burning!!

Bob and Alan rush to investigate

ahh so that's where the party is!

Pete is non plussed by Ray's new mooch tache

Simon has it under control

they booked a 'spirited sucking call girl from Steps' stripper gram, but got a 'spirit supping Mongol from the Steppes' instead

but Mr and Mrs Leebert more than make up for it with a superb card signed by all (Mrs Leebert photo)

they send their love to you all too

Ray ignores Charlie

Bob and Eric ignore Ray


come on ladies and gentlemen...haven't you got homes to go to?


  1. My next big birthday is in 6 months time, so let's hope the weather is a bit better then for another BBQ!

  2. Excellent Eric, I'm looking forward to it already!