29 January 2014

a winter thermal

Momma Goodwind was dishing up the turkey. Meanwhile in da 'hood.....

15 January 2014

egg beaters' graveyard

Luckily no casualties resulted from the Middle Wallop sortie, however the outfield was scattered with the remains of several helicopters that had paid the ultimate price for trying to beat the air into submission...(there now follows no gliding or flying shots)

Air Woof or Red Thunder? Firm ID required.
First correct answer wins a signed photograph of James Farentino
that experts have dated as being from his 'Jesus of Nazareth' mini-series era.

legs akimbo

that oh so familiar sight of fractured unidirectional carbon

The Lynx effect

let's investigate further.....

ahhhh! that all too familiar cause of most crashes; 'sudden stoppage'

don't tell the pikies

military cock-up