16 May 2016

jeezuz peepers it's bopeep!

monster scalies in the pits and Mark ponders on whether there's been such
an epic day since (and I quote) the 'standing in front of a giant hair-drier session
of July 2013'

Phil (we'll call him Phil to protect his identity) of Glidermania
arrives to display some of his goods...

....which includes a nearly full-size DG303 Acro

Mark prefers to launch such mighty vessels from a semi-prone position

but this has the drawback of a grass/pube mashup 

so he moves onto the rock star / guitar hero toss
to avoid the give-away grass stains

too much inverted action

pilot sports 18 month to 1 year old childrens' outfits from Primani

winner of May 2016's name the glider contest 'Glidie McGlide Face'
second place was 'Auto-erotic-asphyxia-fetish Insert-knob-here'

footage to follow at some point.....just to clarify- of the sailplanes
rather than the 'knob-in-glider' action