28 June 2009

seaward ho!

After a tour of most of the sites in northern Kent, these bunch of wastrels decide to plumb for the security of a sea breeze.

you can do it, put your back into it!

get it up there boyo!

Deryck sets up for a mach 5 strafing run

wings still attached, despite best efforts

Vulcan display at Biggin Hill goes horribly wrong when the co-pilot drops a thermo-nuclear device by mistake. Colin spends his final moments in a fellatio fantasy, while Deryck (dedicated to the last) preps to soar the shock wave.

22 June 2009

rob's secret spot

longest day, shortest slope

These grown men don't need much to please them. An onshore breeze, a sea wall and they're happy as Larry.

photo by Rob

photo by Rob

photo of Rob

18 June 2009

many happy returns

Goodwind is one year old today, so let's take stock and contemplate upon what the coming year might bring....

wednesday bash

Today's the day to get your best mate to fake a sick note from your parents and bunk off up the hill. And so so it comes to pass that a fair band of 'should know betters' congregate on the hallowed turf in celebration of what's almost the Summer Solstice.

a strange beast is snared for the feast

its prehistoric lines give Phil inspiration for the bbq wind break

...while Paul draws upon a medieval theme

put on your beer jackets and kneel in honour of pointy nose jartiness

and so fling it to the four winds

Deryck- ha ha!
John- he he!

more shiney, pointy carboness goes off on one

the lip licking ceremony goes horribly wrong

preparing the yeast/flour/saliva leading edge filler

'This is the UK, you chaps should know by now you can't drink that / sit there / cook that / park there / fly that / break wind / enjoy yourselves on this hill. So let's see your I.D. cards, Health and Hygiene certification and your
Health and Safety Risk Assessment'

it's all too much for Gary

Phil chucks off in preparation for a bit of combat with the full size boys

until next time

a sunny, southerly saturday

Saturday is not for the feint hearted, the shorts are on but the lift is good enough so you can stare up at your model rather than down at white calf muscle.

group shot confirms that summer is with us

Colin has success with the Flamingo

There's a jolly good turn out on the hill, Alan manages to safely land his HP18 with nothing but one aileron just about working, and hangliding Colin has a successful jaunt despite choosing Kent's smallest paddock to land in.

nice taboo from Essex

Colin gets away

08 June 2009

imperfectly formed

A sunny Sunday with a sky crackling full of cumulus shows great promise, but up on the hill it's all a bit south and most of the thermals amount to very little.....oh well we're only just into summer. If it carries on like this though we may be taking up BMX riding instead.

RSPCA have been informed

Rob preps his 1/5 scale pilot

some dunes and sea breeze

04 June 2009

sheppey short 01

desperate times

A hardy band of ne'r do wells head off to Sheppy to relieve their no fly frustration.

Mark sniffs the lip in preparation for some ripstop action

'fancy a mud packing my boy?'

Gary with his Hyper.....

Hyper again

and again

just Gary this time

frustration relieved