28 June 2009

seaward ho!

After a tour of most of the sites in northern Kent, these bunch of wastrels decide to plumb for the security of a sea breeze.

you can do it, put your back into it!

get it up there boyo!

Deryck sets up for a mach 5 strafing run

wings still attached, despite best efforts

Vulcan display at Biggin Hill goes horribly wrong when the co-pilot drops a thermo-nuclear device by mistake. Colin spends his final moments in a fellatio fantasy, while Deryck (dedicated to the last) preps to soar the shock wave.


  1. The "thermo-nuclear" shot is pure genius (again) Paul!

  2. I'm not speaking to people who bag quality models free of charge...I hope you sit in a traffic jam on the M3 for a considerable period of time!!

  3. Fair old trek though Simon. Or are you holidaying down that way....

  4. 3 hrs each way? some nice flying spots down that neck of the woods

  5. Sorry chaps, missed your retorts!
    Paul you'll be glad to know that it was 9 hours of traffic hell!
    Deryck, not holiday, but had to work half down there