26 June 2016

super supra

A brief stop-off at the hill reveals
a shiny new toy ready for its maiden....

The Holly Hill Revivalists are upping their game. Moving on
from the classic, solidly performing balsa/film beauties of their
youth, their hangars are now graced with some glossy, moulded stiffness.

Having never before spent so much on a model,
Del's more than a little anxious so calms his nerves
with a quick 'in trouser tug-off' before the maiden.

But even with a clear head, we have to turn to Sir Bob
to sort the radio problems with a laying on of hands

and so we're ready to go!

What was all the fuss about? She flies straight off
the board (or should that be out of the mould?)
However, in all the excitement nobody notices Bob's
head slipping off his neck and down his chest.

The only other problem encountered is that she doesn't want to come down!

 In fact she stubbornly refuses to submit to gravity.... 

but finally......

she returns obediently to her owner.

the smile says it all!

the subsequent flight sees the crow settings fully dialled in

I see many hand catches in your future!

A wholesome glow of satisfaction masks the sadistic
schadenfrueudic smugness that since Friday
morning, the cost of a new Supra has increased
by a considerable order of magnitude!

23 June 2016

long time no see

Just take a look at who surfaced on Tuesday evening!
It seems reports of his passing had been greatly exaggerated!

21 June 2016


In or out?

We prefer up and down (with gratuitous use
of the slow motion button for good measure).