22 July 2013

phenomenal Friday

An outstandingly awesome day on the 'Peep last Friday.
Footage and photos to follow once we've all recovered from the sunstroke.

17 July 2013

Charlie vs a paraglider

Charlie turns to the dark side and gets a few more Gs than he bargained for


ahhhhhhh! the flying heaven that is Bopeep hill

sadly the only scantily clad woman on the slope proclaiming 'so big'
is the one on Gary's tee-shirt

all seeing eye watches over the patch

to quote the 'Old Buzzard's Soaring Handbook' "any glider that don't show the sun
shining through its wings ain't worth a damn!"

more of the patch

slope heaven

David takes a slide down the wing of his ASK 8

Gary's model requires closer inspection....he's using a cutting edge
product to deal with the tight installation....


home time!

packed and ready for the pub, and better still; no casualties!

meanwhile Gary and Paul sneak off for a quick-circle jerk.....

longest day

a few shots following the good turn-out on the evening of 21st

scale is in the majority

Gary prepares to maiden the Duo Discus

 let the celebrations begin!
alcohol and gimp balls aplenty for the pagan slope festival

Simon on launch duty