27 October 2010

far from summer

It may not be summer, but with the southwesterlies back we can all enjoy something warm and moist in our faces again. So it's back up on the third rate lump that just about passes for a hill to enjoy our toys.

Alan sets the speed standard for the afternoon with the Aris

Colin T gets today's spot landing award

Colin P rips it up in an old school stylie

usual crowd

Colin P provides a little surprise for Rob

whilst Rob comes through with a money shot

bow in praise to the god of slopiness

we prepare to leave respectfully

but just then Colin T arrives with some urgency

19 October 2010

the big 'M'

High pressure and northerlies point in one direction for Kentish slopers...Minster! This weekend the shallow, erosion defended inclines deliver the goods for two days on the trot.

good shelter behind the bushes

Eric preps the Weasel....
meanwhile at Firle

...while Deryck preps the Wildie..... meanwhile at Firle

inverted hand catch from Dave...... meanwhile at Firle

Eric chucks the Weasel off, it tears down wind, arriving in a garden. He deftly hooks it with the 5 metre retrieve pole, raises the foamie over the fence where upon it gets airbourne again and then takes roost in a hedge!

oh for the want of a video camera!..... meanwhile at Firle

Dave cleans the salt spray off his glasses

good lift ceiling on Saturday

another inverted hand catch from Dave

Sunday starts off blowy, but eases through the day. The afternoon begins with a benign 10mph breeze which eventually drops off to nothing, this of course heralds the arrival of Ray.

early afternoon is ideal for the paragliders several make it as far as Warden Bay and, more importantly, make it back!

Steve laments the lack of flat land equipment

a fine Firle Thursday

Paul and Simon head off down to Firle for a Lear re-maiden

Concorde stays grounded for health and safety reasons

locals throw abuse at each other from their relative vantage points

Lear's keen to go....

but Luna says no

oh well, maybe next time

11 October 2010

last of the low pressure

Seems that last Wednesday was the last of the low pressure systems for a while it. Northerlies and clear skies look set to dominate for the next week or so....

last Wednesday

04 October 2010

mingers in the mist

We congregate on Holly while the sun's out for a Saturday session, the fates decree that we get no wind, then it picks up to a moderate 7mph just before the heavens open and the cloud descends.

under shelter

Steve takes a chance and tosses off

but stays under cover

seems he can soar the micro updrafts formed by the

falling rain drops!

whilst just above cloud base....

Martin catches sight of a slender young botanist surveying the moss,
or is it Sigourney Weaver?

Martin tries again

anyway, it seems single young women don't think that model glidering is where it's at

Deryck provides the evidence of conditions as seen from the bottom of the hill

last thursday

A lovely early autumn evening with several of the regulars out enjoying the smooth, light conditions.

Eric works on his 1/75th scale Boeing Guppy
see his video here (he apologises for the long intro)- Eric's aerial footage

Achtung Englander!

Duke comes screaming in for an arrival, taking
the crust cleanly off the landing strip cowpat

Ray admires the graceful lines

Mick's gone pro

preparing for the low slung sun of winter