09 May 2011

the rope

It's another normal afternoon on our regular Kentish hill side.....

Graham has perfected his discus launch technique....

.....but what's going on here?

all becomes clear!

inevitably the limbo dishes out a life threatening wound....

.....but luckily we find something that should help reduce the bood loss

more easterness

An afternoon session from the Easter weekend over on the isle....

poor showing from those sporting shorts

combat line up


deliberation on how to remove Ray from his Wildthing

wind's gone...home time

more holly holiday

Here's some more photos from the Easter weekend at Holly Hill....

devil eyed Ray is grabbed by Treebeard after a successful retrieve

Eric chucks Betty

the shorts are on

contemplating some floaty action

off with the Radian

Alan settles down with the Alpina

good turn out

ready for some aerial shots

06 May 2011

lost and found

found at Bo-Peep

winglet possibly off a Multiplex ASW28 or a CM Pro cheapie scalie? drop us a line if you're needing a fair bit of rudder trim, and we can get it off in the post to you

spot landing