09 July 2017

spotted in Maidstone....

Come and visit White Horse Country Park, and enjoy the
complimentary aero-modelling advice service as part of the experience!

Funny how the Council's 'Visit Maidstone' web page doesn't mention
some of the other sights that can be seen up on the hill from time to time!
Scroll down the page in the link above to view a wide selection of arty shots.

02 July 2017

think this was thursday

A Thursday afternoon quickie....

...and we have the Duke of Sittingbourne in full attendance! 

The Strega nestled in both the bosom of nature, and its new ownership.

In its natural element...

Charlie's happy with both the new glider and the carbon fibre 'tache

Note the dejected stance as the walk of shame begins...

We have increased dihedral (fence induced)!

A couple of splints and you'll be fine Duke!

The spy in the sky is ready.