28 July 2010

Tovil tornado

there's an angry sky on the way...

as the twister forms, Rob and Colin hurridly try to get the emergency shelter built

whilst Alan sees a chance for some lively lift

....but rain finally stops play

26 July 2010

discus launch dusk

Saturday is lovely, Sunday less so. By early afternoon the wind can't decide between west or north west. There's a few hopefuls on the hill, Paul heads off to Farthing only to find it hit by the sea breeze, so it's back to faithful Thurnham.

DLGs are the order of the day back on the hallowed turf, and with a 5 strong turn out, there's enough slope and thermal activity to make it worthwhile.

the sky over cooks as gods stir...

Deryck starts with some electric assist

lacking the factor fifty

the real fun of the evening

Colin's keen...

Rob's ready


...and catch

grabbing the fin before it escapes again

off goes the Blaze...



hung out to dry

t.t.f.n !

16 July 2010


The heat wave has come to an end, the electrolytes are back to normal, but we still have a good chunk of the summer left. So far it hasn't been all that bad with several weeks of sustained south westerlies. Let's have a gander at what's been happening on the hill....

another one of those photos...

that eighties beauty- the Algebra

Eric preps prior to wringing out

yup! it's summer

flat landers get ready to enjoy some contours with their flat landy planes

Martin takes a day off from looking like Martin

Jason's got some nappy changing to do

is that a banana in your pocket or......

nearly done now my little buttercup....

bargain at half (or should that be twice?) the price!

that naughties beauty- the Banana

Gary wonders where it's gone, his audience wonder where it's going

it revels in a burst of glorious love energy sent forth by the gods of hill, wind and soaring. Oh to be in England in the summer time with my plane

remember kids, don't drink and fly