26 July 2010

discus launch dusk

Saturday is lovely, Sunday less so. By early afternoon the wind can't decide between west or north west. There's a few hopefuls on the hill, Paul heads off to Farthing only to find it hit by the sea breeze, so it's back to faithful Thurnham.

DLGs are the order of the day back on the hallowed turf, and with a 5 strong turn out, there's enough slope and thermal activity to make it worthwhile.

the sky over cooks as gods stir...

Deryck starts with some electric assist

lacking the factor fifty

the real fun of the evening

Colin's keen...

Rob's ready


...and catch

grabbing the fin before it escapes again

off goes the Blaze...



hung out to dry

t.t.f.n !


  1. good pics paul looks like ive been tangoed.. col

  2. ...or at least the E.Glider has!!

  3. a surprisingly good afternoon and evening's soaring, thank the lordy for electric assist and wonderful DLG !

  4. twas worth it on the end wasn't it

  5. Phew!!! I was lucky Paul, on my last landing after checking on your batt. tester.....it was totaly FLAT.
    What I had forgoten was.......your batt. tester was set to 4.7v and the Longshot batt. is 6v......Durrrrrrr!!!!!! Sooooo it was showing FULL!! Rob

  6. close call sir!

    one less repair for me to do then thank the lord