29 July 2008

what is it?

Jack's got a new toy, but none of us can i.d. the beast. It's got vac bagged wings, and what looks like an RG15 section, but other than that it's anyones guess!

Woody dials it in

can't knock that for 25 of your finest British pounds!

off into the evening air

Jack's not impressed, so just leans with the wind.
However, it does get Woody's wood up!

Jack's footware!

good landing poise

All in all a good session, Jack continues to try and off load it onto passers by, but there's no takers. Full size man joins in the fun but brings a southerly slant with him, so floaters and F3Jers slip about as the damp comes on and the sun goes down.

26 July 2008

what a splendid evening

It's a cracking Friday afternoon for Ray, Colin, Duke and Paul. Tee shirts and shorts are the slope side dress code such is the warmth of the wind. The down side is the paragliders are out en-mass, it's ideal for them, and confidence in numbers mean they're working the sky to great effect rather than just hugging the hill.

Colin gives them the evil eye, but they're not taking the hint!

sod it! let's give it a go anyway!

in excess of 1k reported!

the walk of shame

the fleas abandon ship

kant git dis fecking ting in der, fecking, bleeding,
fiddly, soddin, effin, goddam ting, why won it fecking go in!

Duke leaves him to it

Dave and Kirk arrive for the evening shift

After such a monster session the PG boys are off down the pub and leave us to entertain ourselves uninterupted in the easing wind and dying light.

22 July 2008

never mind the north westerly

Goodwind bypasses his better judgement in favour of his beloved Downs. Seems like Ray, Duke, Paul and Deryck have the same idea and they all stand looking northwestwards. There's not a lot of fun to be had with such a waft, so Ray and Duke debate Mr Brown's priministerial qualities whilst Paul and Deryck work up a sweat to be proud of.

even the floaters are grounded

the javelin launch isn't dead yet

all that action is left to the youngsters

Deryck works a bubble.....

....of bovine origin perhaps?

hanger has roof again

night night!

17 July 2008


Tuesday, and Goodwind arrives at the hill to find a wayward arrival has planted a phase 6 in the top of a large hawthorn tree.....

the spot landing is blamed on dodgy cyano,
and nothing to do with the pilot (Mr Belly, stage left)
downing 6 cans of fosters during the flight

well planted

these chaps know how to improvise....

but they are also of the generation that sent children up chimneys....

so it looks like they've found their gimp, and plenty of 'useful' advice is given

success! thanks for the use of the van roof Mr Paraglider

right, let's get some flying in!

14 July 2008

another glorious evening!

What a glorious evening, the wind subsides as the afternoon draws on, even the paragliding boys get a sustained session in. Duke, Ray, Brian, Steve, A.N Other and Paul are there for the late afternoon shift.

Duke is on launch duty

the floater goes awol, and these two are on a mission...

it's found safe and sound, but the variable CG system is deemed unsuccessful

good slot for 'em

The paragliders launch en mass, and we stay grounded so the only collisions they risk is with each other. Rod and family arrive, as does Woody.
Rod, Paul, Jess and Tom head out to the western bowl to maiden new Discus and flying wing, both a success, both a bit CG forward, Paul lands out in the rape seed.

'liftus maximus!'
with the help of some magic smoke from his thumb,
Rodney Potter levitates his wild thing

Tom avoids the slope side paparazzi

cows move in for the kill

more of the same tomorrow please!

active sky

Saturday afternoon presents us with mirk that clears to give an active looking sky. The wind is hard west, slightly gusty. After a few out landings we get in the swing of things and start working the cycle...

active sky

very much a delta with funky, retro, analogue mixing

phase 2 again!

the line up

the wisdom of age

13 July 2008

the beacon

Deryck ploughs a lone furrow that leads all the way to Ivinghoe Beacon, that infamous site north of the M25. He reports back with tales of good conditions in the westerly wind, and verifies his claims with these fotos.

something for the weekend sir?

the natives seem friendly enough

Other than the ASW trying to go feral, our correspondent reports a successful jaunt. He adds that if any of the more discerning slope connoisseurs out there fancies trying new territory, they should not hesitate in giving it a go.

11 July 2008

trousers too tight?

unfortunately for them, the flying beetles are called 'cockchafers'

10 July 2008

sunset sortie

Goodwind hits the hill late on today, our friendly Pole is just leaving, but Paul and Duke are holding out for an evening slot and are hopeful for a drop in velocity.

The lift is bordering on epic, but full down trimmage is in effect. Gusts have a 'soft' edge with massive ballooning with each 'surge'

attack from out of the sun!

waiting for the drop

Duke braves the blast

'bootiful....just look at it go!'

The waftage does ease giving far more pleasant conditions, but visibility quickly reduces once the sun is below the hills....

the long men

So we watch the paragliders give it a go in the smoother conditions, a flock of gulls seems to be circling the trees in the gully and the air fills with the buzz of beetles lifting from the grass. It's evident that the birds are having a feast on the poor blighters as they make their annual outing!

wouldn't stay put for long, can anyone i.d. these miniature ornithopters?

patience rewarded!

A chap pulling up the ragwort tells us we have cows coming soon to graze the grass! We leave the paragliders to their wind, and the gulls to their dinner. Heading off down the dark lane bats flit in the headlight beams, what a magical time of day and a magical time of year!