10 July 2008

sunset sortie

Goodwind hits the hill late on today, our friendly Pole is just leaving, but Paul and Duke are holding out for an evening slot and are hopeful for a drop in velocity.

The lift is bordering on epic, but full down trimmage is in effect. Gusts have a 'soft' edge with massive ballooning with each 'surge'

attack from out of the sun!

waiting for the drop

Duke braves the blast

'bootiful....just look at it go!'

The waftage does ease giving far more pleasant conditions, but visibility quickly reduces once the sun is below the hills....

the long men

So we watch the paragliders give it a go in the smoother conditions, a flock of gulls seems to be circling the trees in the gully and the air fills with the buzz of beetles lifting from the grass. It's evident that the birds are having a feast on the poor blighters as they make their annual outing!

wouldn't stay put for long, can anyone i.d. these miniature ornithopters?

patience rewarded!

A chap pulling up the ragwort tells us we have cows coming soon to graze the grass! We leave the paragliders to their wind, and the gulls to their dinner. Heading off down the dark lane bats flit in the headlight beams, what a magical time of day and a magical time of year!

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