31 March 2015

good weather's a comin'

It's now officially spring, so with the promise of another fine British summer just
around the corner, let's relive a few previously unpublished highlights from last year...  

With the thought of glorious sunshine
and thermals, Mark prematurely shoots his filthy load
(of ill applied sun cream)

Paul out on the pull (by Pete)

...and aren't we all looking forward to seeing the sun shine through
the wings of Eric's elegant 'Silent Dream'?

Probably not because that'll mean firstly- there's no wind,
and secondly- he's the only one of us airborne! 

Simon had the vertebrae in his neck surgically removed to allow
sufficient head clearance for launching Mark's ASG

Mark then attempted to non-surgically remove the hide from a cow
on this landing approach. 

Luckily for the cow, he'd greased the underside of his fuz just that very morning.

Make haste for the cow shed....that is if Paul
and his bovine belle aren't still busy in there!

09 March 2015

last knockings of winter

Here we go again! Will this repetitively nonsensical monotony ever end?

sperm tailed con trail

Mark's so pleased with himself having 
finally found a
Nick Cotton lookie likie to pair up with his Dot.
Mark can now be contacted to supply the pair for openings, weddings
and bar mizvahs. The more eagle eyed amongst you will of course recognise
this swarthy skinned visitor as Deryck C's stunt double.

Nick / Deryck has his self cleaning dog in tow 

'Don't panic....if he sinks his teeth into your right buttock it means he likes you'

...or that he has rabies

Simon on Foxy finals

consistent quality landage from the man (it has to be said)

let's get him on launch duty then...

Mark treats us to some rather wapid, but wobbly winged speed wuns

"LANDING" warns Mark

he didn't bother calling the handbrake turn

04 March 2015

one in a billion

I was looking out over the Goodwind airfield yesterday and couldn't quite believe what I saw!
Luckily I had my camera close to hand.....