21 October 2018


A great maiden up on Bo Peep!

08 September 2018

and the award goes to....

Two strange new additions to the skyline at Thurnham....

What at first sight appears to be a mobile phone mast....

reveals itself to be two Gormley-esque spiky sculptures!
Work should be completed early next week.

A prize will be awarded for the first glider to be permanently impaled.

Perhaps we could speed our way to that event with a bit of pylon racing
around the two new erections. 

07 September 2018



new date- 15th Sept

06 September 2018

nostalgia day

A relaxed fly-in orientated around the more historic sloping designs....
subject to Friday's weather forecast-

Gentlemanly behaviour and proof of BMFA membership required.

29 August 2018

meanwhile in Wales....

Dusting off the 26+ year old Miniphase for a bit of very light (and very tightly buttocked) coastal soaring.
Loading the Go-pro on-board was a step too far in the marginal lift!

30 July 2018

soaring selection

Scrapings from the cutting-room floor.
Be warned- it's 18 minutes of your life that you'll never get back again!

25 July 2018


A good citizen was spotted today breaking a car window when he
noticed a Gentle Lady on the back seat with badly sagging Solarfilm.

Please stay aware in these extreme weather conditions
we are currently experiencing. Models need to be kept in their
natural environment, preferably in the cooler air of slope-side
lift or climbing out in a thermal to altitudes exceeding 400ft.

21 June 2018

super solstice

In anticipation of a northerly air stream, we celebrated a day early this year.
The gods rewarded us with a lovely floaty evening and what do
you know..... the blog is 10 years and three days old too!

Imagine all that could have been achieved in that time
rather than producing a decade's worth of pointless nonsense!

the farmer was good enough to trim the lawn for us

a good crowd of excellent company

ASW wants an early night

Graham gets his 1:1 rc Charlie to prep the Ahi

slope shaman's 'more wind please' dance

by the time you read this, it's officially summer!

...here it comes :-)

but for tonight, there it goes

an undisclosed awkward moment finds everyone
avoiding direct eye contact

one minute to sunset

with 30 seconds to go, they're ready for a mass launch 

and they're off!

no fatalities

Charlie tries to remedy the situation with a close
pass at the cameraman

the sun's gone.... time to pack up

night-night.... and a big thank you to Eric and Pam for the superb strawberries!

08 June 2018

missed misdemeanour

Simon vs. fullsize

slope police move in to check his credentials...

....all seems in order, though they do recommend that the camera lens gets a proper clean.

spotted in Maidstone

Lidl is stocking up in readiness for the new EU / Home Office
regulations that kick in at the end of July.

Weighs less than 200 grams and is small enough to not
be visible beyond the 400ft altitude restriction....perfect! 

special delivery

Breaking news from Charlie up on the hill.....

....Cookham Wood Hill that is, just in case you were getting in a flap! 

06 May 2018

a couple of weeks ago...

A few weeks ago we started to enjoy the start of
the spring air...

Fly-over from one of the last of the few.

Fly-past... one of the many.

Followed by the obligatory Mark landing sequence shots...

mirror, signal, spoilers....

...handbrake turn

Mark signs 'job's a goodun' for the
benefit of those with landing-assessment-impairment syndrome.

Meanwhile over in combat corner...

I smell pink man-flesh!

Gary is king of the wings today.

Enter the Opterra.

Looks as if combat is back for 2018!

18 April 2018

a good day

We waited and waited, and finally both winter and the mist cleared....

team Swiss

Swiss Tony peaks over the dashboard having left
his booster at home

Blue sky, clouds and flying. What could be better?

The Backscatter effect continues to bring fragments of slope archaeology to the surface.

Pete's Salto loves the conditions

More like this in the coming season!

Marks treats us to a low pass.

lovely scalie struggled a little in the breeze

Mark's back up there somewhere...

...just there...

and safely back again from his second to last flight of the day,
which as we all know in sloping superstition is in fact his last flight of the day