21 June 2018

super solstice

In anticipation of a northerly air stream, we celebrated a day early this year.
The gods rewarded us with a lovely floaty evening and what do
you know..... the blog is 10 years and three days old too!

Imagine all that could have been achieved in that time
rather than producing a decade's worth of pointless nonsense!

the farmer was good enough to trim the lawn for us

a good crowd of excellent company

ASW wants an early night

Graham gets his 1:1 rc Charlie to prep the Ahi

slope shaman's 'more wind please' dance

by the time you read this, it's officially summer!

...here it comes :-)

but for tonight, there it goes

an undisclosed awkward moment finds everyone
avoiding direct eye contact

one minute to sunset

with 30 seconds to go, they're ready for a mass launch 

and they're off!

no fatalities

Charlie tries to remedy the situation with a close
pass at the cameraman

the sun's gone.... time to pack up

night-night.... and a big thank you to Eric and Pam for the superb strawberries!

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