31 May 2010

frustration at Farthing

High winds and low lift make for grovelly conditions at blown out Farthing Common. Rob, Steve, Mitch, Eric F, Paul and Deryck turn up with high hopes. They end the day with dashed spirits as the picturesque hump in the Downs fails to deliver the goods.

Steve hunts for that elusive low altitude thermal

bizarre found object no.03....the combat cod piece

you never know, he may grow up......one day

three way mash up

maximum lift ceiling of the day

Deryck about to throw his tranny down in disgust

home time

29 May 2010

Jason flickerty flicking

Jason enjoys his Binary off the hill

28 May 2010

double dip

While office workers across the land gaze out of their air conditioned battery pens at the blue sky, there's a crowd on the hill doing their best to help the country sink deeper into economic crisis.

It feels like the first proper strong conditions day of the year, there's a moderate breeze with some stonking thermals bubbling up. The sink between is severe, but the bigger thermals can be worked back over the hill.

one of Batman's arch enemies arrives, and the slope side takes on a sinister slant

clickerty, click, click, flickerty flick

still hunting the Fuhrer's foamie

launch of the Binary

lovely little model

Flying Fish halts at the edge of frame

on clearing the patch, Paul finds the face of Christ in a flint. The first sermon of Latter Day Slopers will be in the cow shed at 9.30am on Sunday

25 May 2010

Hopeless Holly

We try Holly again on Sunday afternoon, but the 2mph breeze is just a bit too far east and the slope isn't working. After a walk of shame from Paul, and with the prospect of a warm summer's evening we head back to Thurnham for some lipo liftage.

either a Common Blue, or a Chalk Hill Blue or perhaps an Adonis Blue? other suggestions welcome

shorts season

the Radian

the Radian strikes back

return of the Radian

22 May 2010

Holly the cruel mistress

Monday last found Ray, Paul , Rob and Simon up at Holly for a mellow evening session. It's do or die for the Tigershark. Simon's armed it with an EDF and hopes for a halfway decent session with it. Seems that there's no substitute for cubic capacity and after two hearty attempts, he decides to consign the 'Shark to the kindling pile.

we tried our best

It's then on to floaters and light weights. Rob launches the Longshot with some 'adverse' throws and opens an old wound, so it's time to break out the rubber.

Longshot kick de bucket

a bit of stress free scratching

They say back luck comes in threes, so we round the day off with a mid-air! Luckily the only damage is to Simon's pride. We decide to pack up and head off after that, but not before Mick turns up to talk at us for half an hour.

16 May 2010

winter winds

It's still painfully cold. Sunday starts with the promise of sunshine and loveliness, but by 12 o'clock it's boarder line arctic.

Cannon Ball Run's Capt. Chaos straps himself in...

first time we've spotted a Red Kite on the hill, it tries to get
frisky with Simon's Luna

Pained by the cold, we retire to the cars soon after 12.30

Ray's boot

Simon Cowl (Rob's gag)

Meanwhile back at the patch, Paul (who's palms are too hairy to hide) prepares to strike his prey...




Gary's mentalistic banana

02 May 2010

long weekend

troops look happy at the start of a long weekend

helmet cam

hangie rigs, but too gusty for any action

Ray's arms wither, cutting off the blood supply to his hands

but he still falls in love with the Easy Glider

anyone want to own up to this?