22 May 2010

Holly the cruel mistress

Monday last found Ray, Paul , Rob and Simon up at Holly for a mellow evening session. It's do or die for the Tigershark. Simon's armed it with an EDF and hopes for a halfway decent session with it. Seems that there's no substitute for cubic capacity and after two hearty attempts, he decides to consign the 'Shark to the kindling pile.

we tried our best

It's then on to floaters and light weights. Rob launches the Longshot with some 'adverse' throws and opens an old wound, so it's time to break out the rubber.

Longshot kick de bucket

a bit of stress free scratching

They say back luck comes in threes, so we round the day off with a mid-air! Luckily the only damage is to Simon's pride. We decide to pack up and head off after that, but not before Mick turns up to talk at us for half an hour.

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