31 May 2010

frustration at Farthing

High winds and low lift make for grovelly conditions at blown out Farthing Common. Rob, Steve, Mitch, Eric F, Paul and Deryck turn up with high hopes. They end the day with dashed spirits as the picturesque hump in the Downs fails to deliver the goods.

Steve hunts for that elusive low altitude thermal

bizarre found object no.03....the combat cod piece

you never know, he may grow up......one day

three way mash up

maximum lift ceiling of the day

Deryck about to throw his tranny down in disgust

home time


  1. Good session yesterday Paul, thanks for the photo record!

  2. we just about managed to scrape something out of it in the end!

  3. I didnt know your a Cyborg Paul! :-D

  4. I have certain 'additions'!!