28 May 2010

double dip

While office workers across the land gaze out of their air conditioned battery pens at the blue sky, there's a crowd on the hill doing their best to help the country sink deeper into economic crisis.

It feels like the first proper strong conditions day of the year, there's a moderate breeze with some stonking thermals bubbling up. The sink between is severe, but the bigger thermals can be worked back over the hill.

one of Batman's arch enemies arrives, and the slope side takes on a sinister slant

clickerty, click, click, flickerty flick

still hunting the Fuhrer's foamie

launch of the Binary

lovely little model

Flying Fish halts at the edge of frame

on clearing the patch, Paul finds the face of Christ in a flint. The first sermon of Latter Day Slopers will be in the cow shed at 9.30am on Sunday

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