20 July 2011

mick assisted fpv

just you remember who won the war!

Yah boo Mr Johnny foreigner! In future don't use our movies for your own financial gain.

Thanks to Trev for the 'heads up'.

19 July 2011

bobbing plank

old school sunday

Sunday before last and the Holly Hill Revivalists join us for an early summer's evening session, their bargain basement Ebay specials do not fail to impress.

name the model! a prize of self congratulatory smart arsey smugness,and the realisation you've been spending too much of your life playing with toy planes goes to the emailer with first correct answer

up into the blue

...or the grey

the antidote

Multi-Phase has a jolly good workout, the wing joiner gets plenty of reps

altitude not an issue today

Colin and the kissing gate

07 July 2011

the blow from a low

it's blowy, time to compare, calibrate and salute

if the ballast fits, use it!

alternative approach to bumping up the wing loading

Ray gets ready to battle the breeze

while his master isn't watching, foamie no.2 sneaks up onto the chair for a snooze

Deryck's new fast foam

it's going well

stamp 'approved'

power launch

push launch

the Needle is very happy in the big air

but a flutter issue needs investigating

just a tape fix...for now

Jason breaks out some more soaring machinery

levitation launch

clean approach

in the box

taking root

free loader

off the flat fail

The high pressure weekend forces some of the regulars out onto the flat, there's the odd thermal coming through and the lift is good when it's around.

Eric indulges in some free flight activity, unfortunately this incident can't be blamed on radio failure.

the results of a full out tow as delivered by Paul

02 July 2011

finally prooving viable

After 2 years languishing in the bilge of his house boat, Mick finally gets it together with his FPV gear. Two funny heads, and several spent Lipo packs later he's almost got to grips with it.

Mick's happy to rent it out to model boat users, it comes complete with diesel 'smell-o-vision' for the ultimate immersive experience.

Nonsense video to follow at some point....