07 July 2011

off the flat fail

The high pressure weekend forces some of the regulars out onto the flat, there's the odd thermal coming through and the lift is good when it's around.

Eric indulges in some free flight activity, unfortunately this incident can't be blamed on radio failure.

the results of a full out tow as delivered by Paul


  1. I don't know if this is what Paul did, but I could never make hand tows work when I was a kid. The plane would always veer off left or right.

    I took your suggestion and bought a Radian (no hills nearby in the desert.) I'll be flying it soon. I was surprised to find that the powered Radian's wing loading (based on how I calculated it using the RTF specs) was less than an unpowered Gentle Lady. I suppose because of the Radian's foam construction.

  2. bump up the wing loading a bit with the Radian John, helps unless it's dead calm....I fly mine with a 3 cell 2450 lipo in, and a little bit of weight on the tail

  3. Thank you - I'll remember that.